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No clarity of vision after crosslinking of cornea

Hello! In 2017, MNTK Fedorov had a cross-linking operation on his left eye! Now it seems everything is fine but there is no sharpness, tell me what to do?

Asks: Alikhan

Answer of keratoconus specialist

Hello, mr. Alikhan.

It is not clear when the sharpness disappeared - recently, or you expected that it will appear after this procedure?

In fact, collagen crosslinking of the cornea with Riboflavin is done more to" strengthen " the cornea. To restore vision (increase its acuity), the installation of intrastromal corneal segments (keraring) is used. It is usually done before the cross-linking procedure.

Any way, without inspection to talk about something and make recommendations-is meaningless. Contact us-we will be happy to help.

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