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Eye surgery for keratoconus treatment

Surgical treatment of keratoconus is often inevitable, but quite effective method of treatment of the disease. Modern technology and huge experience of the ophthalmologists make the surgical intervention is safe for the patient.

To strengthen the cornea and stop the pathological process of its deformation, methods of corneal crosslinking (CXL, non-surgical "stitching" of collagen fibers of the stroma) and intrastromal keratoplasty (plastic corneal segments implantation) are used.

In some cases, the use of excimer laser treatment (PRK + PTK) to strengthen the Bowman membrane, as well as laser thermokeratoplasty, has a good effect.

Eye surgery for keratoconus

In the later stages of keratoconus, which are complicated by turbidity and scarring of the cornea, through keratoplasty (transplantation of the donor cornea) is used. Since there are no blood vessels in the cornea, donor selection is greatly simplified, and a favorable prognosis is provided for graft engraftment.

Also, some authors present various variations of keratotomy (the so-called "optical diamond surgery"), which in our country is not widespread.

You can learn more about each type of operation from the corresponding section:

Possible complications of surger

Despite the fact that every year improved techniques and equipment for surgery for keratoconus, during their conduct, as with any medical manipulation, complications may occur.

Their severity and frequency directly depends on the complexity and volume of the operation: so when collagen crosslinking negative consequences of the operation practically does not occur, which can not be said with the most complex and voluminous operation - through keratoplasty (corneal transplant). In the latter case, possible rejection or opacification of the graft, suture failure, etc.

For a complete list of complications that may occur during or after surgery, please visit the page with the description of the specific operation.

Where to have a surgery?

When choosing a medical institution, the patient must take into account the specialization of the clinic (the presence of specialized doctors, the necessary equipment and extensive experience in conducting operations). The center for the treatment of keratoconus employs recognized Russian specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus (Shilova Tatiana) and doctors of world renown - Professor Walter Sekundo. The center has all the necessary equipment and consumables for the entire range of operations - from cross-linking to through keratoplasty. Individual approach to each patient and reasonable prices for treatment are also the advantages of the clinic.

The cost of surgery for keratoconus

The cost of surgery for keratoconus

Below we give the basic prices of operations, the exact cost of treatment can be determined only in intramural consultation with a specialist.

  • Corneal crosslinking (CXL) - 39 000 rubles (600 us-dollars)
  • Implantation of corneal segments femtoproject 1 category of complexity - 130 000 rubles (2 000 us-dollars) per eye
  • Phototherapy keratectomy (FTK) - 80 000 rubles (1 250$);
  • Penetrating or Lammelar Keratoplasty (DALK, PKP) (including graft) - from 300 000 to 600 000 rubles (4 650 - 9 300 us-dollars)

# Sad man : 2018-02-01 10:32
Really all patients are going to go this way: corneal rings, CXL, corneal transplantation? Is it possible to avoid surgery?
# Consultant 2018-02-09 12:51
The first two steps - usually "Yes", the majority of patients with keratoconus have this surgery.
But these procedures allow to stop the development of the disease and do not reach keratoplasty.
# Muslim 2018-03-26 20:14
I have keratoconus stage 4. please help!
# Consultant 2018-03-27 09:33
Hello, Muslim.
We need to look at the thickness of the cornea - if it allows, you can install intrastromal corneal segments (ICRS), which flatten the cornea and significantly improve vision.
However, if it is really about 4 stages, that, as a rule, impossible.
The only way to improve vision will be keratoplasty (corneal transplantation).
Get contact with our clinic and we will be glad to help you!
# Alex 2018-05-04 00:39
What is the cost of full treatment?
# Consultant 2018-05-04 17:12
Alex, the term "full treatment" is not quite clear, if we talk about the "standard procedure" - installation of corneal segments + crosslinking, its cost in our clinic is 159 000 rubles (for one eye).
Keratoplasty - (depending on the type) from 300 to 600 thousand rubles, but it is carried out in the terminal stages of the disease.
# Pablo 2018-05-21 06:42
Hello! The son of 22 years he was diagnosed with keratoconus 3 degrees, they say that except for corneal transplantation no other treatment. and operate only in Moscow.....tell me what to do? so many clinics have bypassed and all to no avail....
# Consultant 2018-05-21 10:08
Dear Pablo,
Indeed, in the advanced stages of keratoconus, the only method is the operation of keratoplasty (corneal transplantation).
It is the same in our clinic - lammelar keratoplasty and penetrating ones. Transplants are available, operations are carried out without waiting.

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